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Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc. is an American manufacturer of electrical wiring equipment in North America. It produces electrical light sockets, receptacles and outlets, switches, dimmers and other lighting control systems, wire, power cables, power cords, wall and ceiling occupancy sensors, wall plates, datacom, and other electrical products.

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed website: "Seriously, find another employer. Terrible communication, awful conditions, abusive management. Don't work at Leviton".


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Is it our intention for all employees to have a productive and rewarding experience at Leviton. We would like an opportunity to speak with you. Please contact a member of the Melville HR team."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This company has a pattern of lying and being deceitful to its employees. Tow small companies were purchased by Leviton with the intention of running them as separate companies under one roof. We were told that during a meeting. Employees and temps were taken to the new facility for a tour. I helped organize the tour for my group. Employees and temps were assured that everyone will be moved to the new location in the same job along with their manager. Business as usual. Two months later when the move was made those promises were broken. By the way, our employee appreciation day was celebrated with sesame seed bagels. Employees had to buy the cream cheese and drinks. Stay away. Lots of problems."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There are too many to list."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Low pay - Annual raises never break 3% and bonuses are not guaranteed Very difficult to get promoted - I had outstanding reviews every year yet every time I broached the topic of a promotion, I was always brushed aside. It felt as if the goal posts were constantly being moved, no matter what I did. Risk aversion - For a company that supposedly wants to break into IoT, Leviton is doing great at dragging its feet when it comes to embracing new technologies and ideas. Management and senior engineers talk about wanting to bring in new blood, yet any time a new engineer is brought on board, their ideas are always disregarded. If Leviton wants new ideas and expertise in modern technology, then why are they so risk averse? Honestly, unless Leviton learns to take risk and really invest in quality R&D engineering (not temporary oversea contractors), they're not going to get anywhere in IoT. Younger engineers' ideas often disregarded - I mentioned this already but I'll elaborate more. We've brought on very talented and ambitious engineers both fresh out of school and with some experience under their belts. I've seen excellent work and ideas completely dismantled and tossed aside by engineering management and senior engineering because "it's not how we've been doing things here". Again, risk aversion biting Leviton. Rampant nepotism in management - Certain members of engineering management are very blatant in their favoritism with certain employees and people they hire. Both myself and others have gotten passed up for promotions time and time again because we weren't on the favorite list by these managers."

Current Employee - Insp says

"No well being of empl."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very poorly managed, especially the Finance department. Work is haphazard, chaotic, and the management in Finance department has no clue at all at how to get the work done. No appreciation shown ever to the employees in the Finance department and the management never cares about the employees at all. HR department is totally overstaffed, but under-worked. They really don't listen to the employees if the employees have any issues. Everything is just pro-management. No career growth at all. Compensation & benefits are administered by the company itself, and so the benefits are average but the rates keep going up every year. Very expensive for a company this size. Work/Life balance: hardly any balance since management in Finance doesn't care about the employee's private life. All about work. Senior Management in Finance: extremely unprofessional, rude & discourteous. They don't even stop to say "Good Morning" even when the employee is standing right in front of them. Salary: mostly below industry-standard salaries. Except for the senior management, who I am sure are overpaid. At year-end, the bosses really keep the chunk of the department bonuses for themselves and hardly give anything to their individual employees. Culture/Values: Started off as a very good company with immense values when the original founder & direct family were there & involved in the company's day-to-day operations. But lot of things have changed at the management, and especially in the Finance department. Employees who have been there for years, especially since the original family, really say that this company has deteriorated very rapidly. Only the CEO, Don Hendler, stops to wish everyone he comes across. But unfortunately, he is hardly involved in the day-to-day operations anymore. So he is hardly seen around. So unfortunate!!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Low Pay - Rotating door of employees (unless you intern there and have not worked anywhere else, no one seemed to last) - Waterfall methodology waste so much time and then I couldn't do what I was hired to do/ try something new, - Monotonous: Day to day was doing co-workers work under the guise it came from our boss - No communication - Barebone Raises: 3% is the cap - Training: Supposed to train me but they didn't care/ didn't understand half the processes, then glazed over and rush through the rest so I was not only left on your own but then had to teach myself everything - No Innovation: I had to stick to what I was hired to do (except when needed every other second by co workers and then if anything was wrong I was immediately thrown under the bus)."

Principal Tooling Engineer says

"Despite what you read above they said they no longer need someone myself that can do all of that. No reason given. And thanks for that last bonus of $1000.00 after taxes this didn't even pay half of the support cost's for Solid Works."


"Terrible processes. Upper management does not care about improvement. Quality has gone down in product. Work is lacking, not enough to keep you busy. When making suggestions, you are told "good luck" on trying to accomplish anything. No room for advancement. Upper management does not follow through on promises. How this company passed ISO is beyond me. Trying to get trained on product was a lengthy process as their test procedures are old and outdated. Product technology is also extremely old and outdated."

Former Employee - Manager says

"- No room for advancement - Nepotism - Employees were not valued - Senior Management - Poor benefits / pay"

Operator Technician II (Current Employee) says

"I have worked at Leviton for a couple of years, solely because the schedule agrees with my current lifestyle. From the moment I had my interview, there were red flags. I showed up for my interview, only for them to tell me that particular manager has been out for vacation- Human Resources has no clue what's going on with anybody that works there. Luckily, I was able to interview with an entirely different manager who, after I was hired, I never had any interaction with. The Interviewer was a little insulting, responding to a question I asked starting with, 'Well, IF you're qualified..." She had a copy of my resume in hand and had obviously not even looked at it or she would have probably realized I was overqualified for the position I applied for, if anything. During my time there, I've had numerous negative situations that required me to get management involved, which did nothing, so then I turned to HR several times thereafter, which also did nothing. I have even filed complaints with OSHA because they refuse to fix so many issues, and would lie to us or give some excuse about the issue. This company, at this location, is run purely on favoritism and discrimination. Members of management are more concerned about their friendships with each other than actually doing their jobs. Therefore, there is no room for advancement unless you befriend someone that's already in an advanced position. They do not care about or appreciate their hardworking employees, and they allow so much disrespect and behavior that has no place in a work environment to begin with. The only upside to workingEasyManagement, Facilities, Cleanliness, Lack of Structure, No accountability for anyone, consistent"

Operator Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER HERE.... Seriously.... find another employer. Terrible communication, awful conditions, abusive management. Don't do it!"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"The Technical Services group is the most disfunctional group in all of Leviton. Besides receiving irate calls from customers, the management does not back you up and are always looking for an excuse to fire you. Also, bathroom brekas are closely monitored with the Supervisor literally going into the Mens Room and looking under the stall doors to determine by type of shoe if an individual is sitting there."

Operator 1 (Current Employee) says

"There is absolutely no employee appreciation. They promote bullying on every level of employment.. Benefits and pay are ok not great.. Management is horrible.4on/4off schedulethe company"

Manufacturing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Most of the workers are through a temp agency. The agency hires you on the premise that Leviton will hire you after 90 days. There are so many people that have been there more than 9 months and work hard and never miss a day, and there's always some excuse as to why they've not been hired on. I was actually told that the job I was hire for-doesn't exist. A few people have retired and it was made clear that those jobs no longer exist. But they need the temps to fill them. It's all about the money.it's workno benefits, no permanent placements, any excuse to let you go"

Operator Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"Ill never work there again and will never reccomend the place. Poor management on all levels. Promises of advancement but never seen advancement for myself and several others."

Assembling Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Dangerous, low paying job. No room for advancing, or increase in pay. No benefits or 401k, also the ethnicity was majority "Spanish", that only spoke in their native language which was "Spanish".Plenty of hourswas not a safe company"

Freight Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Manipulative management, lack of advancement opportunities, and everyone hates one another."

Inventory Control Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"After a year of working for Leviton, I was making only marginally more than I earned when I started, even with reasonable amounts of prior experience. Management battles between 1st and 2nd shift and nothing ever really gets done. Toxic work environment but co workers typically either keep to themselves or are friendly on the same shift."

Technical Service Support (Current Employee) says

"Answering phone calls from irate customer, addressing email and chatting online. Learning all new products to support dealers as well as customers.Management micromanages your every activities even how long and often you go use the bathrooms.Employees rat on others to advance with brownie points by throwing others under the bus. The hardest part of the job is motivating yourself to go in to work.The most enjoying part is end of the day.No free lunches here except for working lunch hours and special event daysSweat shop mentality"

Production Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Not a good place to work, all unskilled labor with no training support and very little support from management, very high turnover.... I've had 3 managers in 1 year. I haven't seen this many personnel/HR issues at anyplace I've ever worked... Good luck if you decide to work here...nonetoo many to list"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"For a 100 year old company, I witnessed one guy retire, the janitor. 8 people fired, for unkown reasons. Don't believe me, ask them on your interview. Low moral, Office Space environment. Medium pay and do not expect a raise. Holiday party consists sitting in the warehouse on a metal chair drinking fruit punch and watching an hour long powerpoint. Managers concerned about one thing, their own ROI. In fact, use the word ROI and B2B in your interview, good chance you'll get the job!Free parking"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Good place to learn product development and manufacturing. Great Medical Benefits. Residential VP tends to go on firing sprees and yelling rants when in a bad mood."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"This place basically felt like a prison. The warehouse is not climate controlled. In the winter you have to wear a coat and gloves all day. In the summer, it feels like sitting in a car with the windows rolled up on a 95 degree day. But, of course, the offices were climate controlled. I almost passed out from heat exhausted many times through the summer that I worked there. Everyone hates their job and they are all very bitter people. Coworkers are constantly stabbing each other in the back. The office never really tried to do much to boost any of our morale. The break Room and bathrooms didn't have any kind decor that might make the place seem less prison like. They tell you that you can get a raise every time you learn a new task or department but the standards for production were so high that it was almost impossible to reach your goal numbers so that you could advance to another task. Leadership never wants to rotate anyone from their normal positions, which are repetitive and mind numbing. Changing up our daily tasks would rarely if ever happen no matter how much the workers asked, even if everyone already knew how to do each others jobs. They would rarely let females learn any kind of machinery, like forklifts or cherry pickers. Things constantly get stolen from lockers and the communal fridge. When confronting leadership about stolen food, they won't do anything about it. I've worked in other warehouses before, but I will very honestly say this is one of the worst places I've ever worked. Working there put me into a deep depression."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"The most shocking company Ive ever worked for in my 30 years of working. Training is really bad because of the shifts your trained by 3 or 4 different people who do the jobs differently from one another. Your pressurised into signing yourself off as being trained. Shifts include working every 2 weekends, 12 hour shifts 5 days/nights a week. Your expected to keep machines going even if it means not getting breaks when your due them. Management is a joke, Plant Leads mainly are back stabbers. Some good shop floor guys who do try and help but the culture in there is bad.Good moneyBad management, back stabbers, bad shifts."

Floor Hand (Current Employee) says

"Levington is about to run amuck, the Morganton facility cant stay in business much longer. to many mistakes by the management have cost the company millions. when it takes a company 2 and 3 times the required labor to make a product, an orders are all ways behind or never finished, something has to be done. Everything that's addressed by the employees to help the company falls on deaf ears. the HR dept hasn't a clue whats going on ,its a jungle there, its a shame how good workers are being treated so bada few good work hands left ther just buying there timelack of saftey frequent, accidents, uneducated management"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"This company had great benefits but management needs improvement .They have other employees following you around and reporting back to them anything that they can trying to get you fired especially if you speak up for yourself. Instead of being on the floor evaluating employees they take the word of employees who are lazy and watch as others do the jobs that they are suppose to be doing. BenefitsCommuication"

Sales Representitive (Current Employee) says

"Expectation is to work from 7 AM - 6 PM and then work at night for another 3 hours. Received calls from manager after work hours and on weekends.Competitive payLong hours, no work/life balance"

Distribution Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I haven't worked there in 10 years, so things may be different now. At the time, I was new and didn't receive a lot of training. It was stressful and most of the days I felt I didn't accomplish much.Very Fast pacedPay"

Warehouse (Current Employee) says

"Need to have a I can do this attitude and avoid the low employee opion of the operations. Production numbers gear the relationship with the management team. Good numbers. U have a good position.Competitive benefits.Management style is I am in charge."


"All products arrived damaged"


"I requested an RMA for an item I needed to return. I got an email response saying the return was being processed and I would receive a notice within a couple of days. I t has been 3 weeks with no response and all of my emails asking for it go unanswered. We are a good customer and order quite a bit but this is making me rethink that"


"I'm an electrical contractor you didnt even give me a discount"


"I called after receiving switch pulls that didn’t work and requested a return authorization with spoke to a sales rep. He told me to send an email and I did so with pictures. I haven’t heard back. You have my email address and phone #. Much less than an optimal experience"

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